Sunday, 24 September 2017


We guys will see the number of Machines in our daily life but we cannot identify whether it is a Machine or Machine Tool and you may be confused what actually the difference between them and what makes them call separately. Here we go, let’s learn about them precisely.

Machine Tool: 

Machine Tool is a combination of Links, Linkages, and Pairs which gives the output to cut or machine the Job into the required shapes. The whole purpose of the Machine tool is to cut and remove the job.

We can see these types of Machine Tools in our regular life; they will be Lathe, Planar, Shaper, Drilling Machine Tool, Grinder, Miller, etc.

Note: Of course those are called as the Machine Tools but the people will call as A Machine but as an Engineer, we should know the difference and never call it as Machine.

Here is the purpose of using those Machine Tools.


Lathe machine tool is the King of Workshop where we can use it for Number of Purposes like Facing, Turning, Tapering, Boring, Threading, etc. In this Machine Tool, the job is fixed in a Chuck (whether it is a Four Jaw or Three Jaw) while the job is rotating the machining or cutting will take place with the help of a Tool.




It is another type of Machine Tool where we can produce the Holes with required dimensions. In this, the Job will be fixed and the Tool will rotate with respect to the rotation of Tool the drilling or cutting of job will take place.


Grinder is a special case Machine Tools where it is used to remove the rough surface with the help of Grinding wheel. The Grinding wheel will rotate at high speed due to Friction between Tool and Job the machining will take place. The removal rate will be highly accurate, we can machine up to microns.

Till now we learned about the Machine Tool, now it is time for Machine.


Machine is a combination of Links, Linkages, Pairs, etc which includes the Cutting, manufacturing, and some other process which are not involved in the Machine Tools which gives a final product according to requirement.

It looks like Machine Tool and Machine but the sole purpose of Machine Tool is only to remove the material and Machine purpose is more than it.

Some of the Machines like Printing Machine, Welding Machine, Laminate Machine, Processing Machine in Food Factories, Robots, etc.